Hi, I'm Jen, founder of Let's Play ~ Improv Den Haag. 

That's me, in the photo with the lovely Lorenzo, in Amsterdam. The audience decided I was a plumber on a Brazilian Umbrella Farm... good fun...

Let's Play was born out of a need to have fun again. Discovering Improv was a huge “Ah Ha!”.  I was in to my 11th year of  a 13 year Communications role in a Big Corporation. We were good to each other, the Corp. and me...but I needed a change.

"Yes, And!”  It was this guiding principle of Improv, “Yes, And,” that drew me. And it helped me leave that safety net of a job.  Since then, it's helped me grow further.

For over four years I had to travel to Amsterdam to find Improv courses taught in english. I've also travelled to International Improv Fests, what I like to think of as Improv Boot Camps, where you can take one or two workshops a day with some of the world's biggest Improv talents, and then be further inspired by the shows at night. I'm proud to say I've even performed in these shows, on the main stage in Athens and Barcelona!   

My mission in Den Haag 

A few years ago, it was wise to buy a flat... my thoughts returned to Amsterdam and it's hopping Improv scene. But Amsterdam, as lovely as it is, could not compete with my 17 years of growing to love Den Haag. Hence, I decided it's my mission to bring more english-spoken Improv to this city. 

So I found a house with a stage, a gezellig little stage,  and now we have Improv workshops and performance parties in "Jen's Living Room Theater" ~ Yes, And!... 

Beyond Improv, I'm fascinated in the value of play.  My career in communications, my work and  studies of psychology, have brought me full circle to that which we knew as children, the value of play.  I love to create truly engaging, fun events, and it seems to me, the world could use more.