A Pledge to Non-Profits

My pledge now is to help the helpers, by offering any registered Non-profit organisation a free Improv workshop. Perhaps a newly formed team needs some ice breaking, or an established team is overdue for some fun. Whatever the case, I'd be honored to be able to contribute in this way. 

I've long been aware of the rewards of being a helper. I worked in a group home for “stabilized” people who required strong yet kind support, observation and medications. From there I worked eight years in a State Psychiatric Hospital while putting myself through school. I volunteered at a public access TV and radio station for several years, where many organisations could get the message out about their good deeds, concerns, and how to help.   

The world situation nags me, and I've been struggling with how to contribute. I travel a lot, giving and attending workshops.  And there are many, many great volunteer organisations walking-the-talk. Hence, this is my way to share the joy and benefits of Improv, and hopefully help the helpers.